Tomb of Kings

by Afterburner

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released October 10, 2016

THANKS to all our friends, families, fans and bands we've worked with.
SPECIAL THANKS to Russian Death Metal Community ( and Vitaly Bakhtinov;
515 Community ( and Alexander Lyubishev; Egor from Saturos Studio;
Pavel from SoundAge Productions.

Igor "Terrorizer" Petrov - drums, music, lyrics
Andrey Golubev - vox, guitar, music
Andrey Shevcev - bass

Guest vocals:
2. Scattered Remains - Dmitry of FETAL DECAY (RUS)
8. Lost - Sergey of GIANT (RUS, UA)

Igor "Terrorizer" Petrov - all songs
Andrey Golubev - 1, 2, 4, 5
Ivan Demyanchik - 3, 5
Ivan Kremlyakov - 8
Ilya Kostroma - 8

Igor "Terrorizer" Petrov - all songs
Andrey Golubev - all songs


Recorded by AFTERBURNER and Ilya Kostroma (2016).
Engineered and Tracked by Egor Krotov (Saturos Studio)
Mixed and Mastered by Egor Krotov (Saturos Studio) -

Arts by David Roberts (1796 - 1864).
This is a faithful photographic reproductions of a two-dimensional,
public domain work of art.
Front: David Roberts "The Destruction of Jerusalem" (1850)




all rights reserved


Afterburner Irkutsk, Russia

Death/Grind formation from Irkutsk (Russia). Formed in 2009 after the consolidation of Irkutsk experienced musicians. In January 2012 debut EP "Persecution" released. 2013 - group started to record first LP. 2014 - first full-lenght "Dawn of Enthrallment" was released.

October 2016 - new full-lenght "Tomb of Kings"
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Track Name: Tomb of Kings
Beyond my eyes
Worship changes me
Glory becomes slaughter and fear
There is no saviour

Past perсeption of divine empire
I embrace all my victories
Against faith and religion
I escape from heaven

Behind the walls
Under the cross
Under the stones
I will reborn

Sacred necropolis
Thousands of souls
Tomb of Kings
Decaying gods

Sacred Graal
Alone, without light
Sacred silence
The kingdom of lies

Beyond my eyes
Worship changes me
Glory becomes slaughter and fear
There is no salvation
Track Name: Scattered Remains (feat FETAL DECAY)
Take a breath before you burn
It was not my intention
It's all for your God

Faith is desease, your heart`s like a stone
I have seen a true revelation within

Eat your flesh, blood boils in veins
You shall see the abyss
Turn into the chaos

When the time is ripe
I shall cut your head
I am the judge and the end
Disgust and revulsion, let it all gone
Your bones will be save under the stone

Take a breath before you burn
It was not my intention
It's all for your God

Your eyes turn into a flowing fire
Killing men for God is your desire
Track Name: Meretseger
Dehenet Imentet
I am your blindness
Valley of the Kings
Your kingdom of silence

Liars become snakes
Malum supplicium
Appease and please the goddess

Visions of horror
Swarm of thiefs
Betrayed of the soul
Betrayed of the glory

In eternal we live
Silence is justice, silence is truth
In eternal we die
La que ama el silencio

Requiem aeternam
Wrapped into silence

Quantus tremor est futurus,
Quando judex est venturus
Cuncta stricte discussurus
Track Name: Animal
I'm knocking my chains
Spirit blessed inside me
Whispers, no light
I am the butcher, I am the fire

The Serpent
Eats me inside
The evil consumed me
I am the Animal

Sounds of sorrow
Nothing is real
I become illusion
Nothing to hear
And nothing to feel

Falling down, searching for light
Your hope makes me sick
I swear revenge, it comes too far
Deny all your existence

I am the serpent inside
I am the wolf in the night
I am your godless sign
I am destroyer of light
Track Name: Hyperion
The son of Gaia, the father of light
Glorious power, heaven's sign

I walk above, above that sky
Lord of tyrants, lord of the sun

Tuba mirum spargens sonum
Per sepulcra regionum
Coget omnes ante thronum

Bringer of war, lightning and thunder
Keeper of light, crown of fire

We fall upon your sacred places
Summoning the powers of our Lord
Hordes of Hyperion

Preces meae non sunt dignae,
Sed tu bonus fac benigne,
Ne perenni cremer igne
Track Name: Rebellion
My eyes is black
My hands in blood
My heart`s like a stone

Frozen bones
Broken hope
Deny me
I am your paradise

I watch my life`s descent
Descending through the power
Expose me to freedom
From gold and glory

I will never forget your work
All this fear is stay inside

Feel my pain
Let me kill my faith
Cut my head
Feel my cold breathe
Track Name: Thanatos
They are the the children of darkness
Sleep and Death, brothers and gods
The Sun never looks upon them
Iron hearts and powerful spirit

Hateful even to the deathless gods
Talking will win you nothing
I will dedicate you with my sword
Devoted to the gods below

Hear me, O Death, we all the same
Tell me to kill whom I must kill
My privilege means more to me
When they die young

Hateful to mankind
Loathed by the gods
King of the night, prisoner of silence
At the end of my life
At the end of my path

Lacrimosa dies illa
Qua gesurget ex favilla
Lacrimosa dies illa
Qua gesurget ex favilla
Track Name: Lost (feat GIANT)
Как мне забыть о злобе
Собравшись с силой воли
От прошлого пытаясь сбежать
Душевный крик стараясь сдержать

Против гордой толпы
Окружённый врагами
Нет больше огня
Что встречает войны в слезах

Your god is ignorance
As truth hides the liars
They try to find me
But they`ll never sentence me

Блуждаю без цели под тенью изгоев
Страдаю от взглядов и запаха крови
С тяжёлым грузом на шее моей
Я отрекаюсь от родного и падаю вниз

В глубине моей жалкой души
Я знаю что мне всего дороже
Новый зов битвы и схватки
Укажет мне путь к великой славе

Your loyalty runs thin
Tolerates no deception
Warrior within
You dig your own grave

Раскаленная земля
Мёртвые леса, свинцовый туман
Выходят на поиск враги
Убить и распять мою веру в войну

Обреченные голоса
В тумане плавно затихали
Напивается бездушная земля
Тёплой кровью бессмертного героя
Track Name: Crypts
Crushed by the slaves
Nails and shame
Hiding in darkness and loneliness
Fight with yourself and your majesty
Become Idol for rats and traitors

Curse Upon Your Heart

You will die by your own creation
Your dreams locked
In stone and steel
Imperator of cowards and greed
Burned in flames of hate

Pray For Your Sins

Empire in ruins
Storm of fire and freedom
King is dead, so cry his name